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Enlighten your home with one of Florida’s highest regarded solar installation companies.

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Our Story

Today, thanks to a big boom in the solar industry, if you’re considering going solar be it for your home or your business, you have exceptional options. But with so many great solar companies to choose from, you might ask yourself, why Ensolar? What’s our story, what drives us, and why have hundreds of satisfied customers chosen Ensolar as their exclusive solar company?

If we were to sum up our company in a single word, it would be PASSION. And simply put, that’s what we believe makes us different for many other solar installers. But then again, that might be too simple of an explanation. So let us take you a little deeper into how we came to be one of today’s most recognized solar companies in Florida.

As you will see in the below description of our team, when we started Ensolar, all of us came from unique fields and backgrounds. Fabio was a sales professional, Ysa used to work as a bookkeeper at a bank, Juan was a contractor, Sadiel was a professional

electrical contractor, and so on. All professionals in our own right. Where most solar companies saw an opportunity in solar, we saw responsibility not only for the environment but for you, the home or business owner considering solar.

Within a few years after starting Ensolar, we had already completed 650 of solar projects and expanded our team to help cater the demand from new clients who had heard of us through word of mouth.

Within our first year, we expanded to include our own sales team, our own engineering team, our own design team and even our own underwriters. Today, Ensolar is one of the few solar companies that take care of every aspect of your solar installation in house; showing our commitment to ensuring your solar installation is completed to not only your satisfaction but in alignment with top industry standards.

Our Vision

At Ensolar, our vision is to offer high quality, cost-effective renewable energy products to help you reduce your electric bill and take control of your own power generation. Our company is driven by solar’s environmental benefits, our commitment to quality, and our promise to use industry-leading products. Passionate about solar, our goal is to continually grow and keep helping you and fellow home and business owners achieve the cost and environmental benefits of solar power, while also educating the future generation about the importance of caring for the planet.

What Sets us Apart?


Ensolar is one of the only Florida solar companies that exclusively use micro-inverters, that optimize the power generation of each solar panel by empowering each individual panel to directly convert its own energy, instead of a string of inverters where each panel relies on the one before it to produce energy.

At Ensolar, we are one of the only companies that offer competitive pricing while maintaining leading industry standards. Ensolar only works with premium quality equipment and tier 1 solar panels.
Thanks to our commitment to quality and our long relationship with solar manufacturers, Ensolar is able to issue extended warranties on select products, guaranteeing performance for up to 30 years, 5 years above normal warranties.

Ensolar is one of the few companies that handle every aspect of solar design, engineering, installation and customer care in-house. Whereas many solar companies just do sales, or just do installations, Ensolar takes care of every aspect of your solar projects to ensure every step of your installation is done right.

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Meet the Team

Juan Garcia


Juan Garcia, CEO

With over a decade of contracting experience, Juan first entered the solar industry in 2014 as a solar consultant, helping homeowners switch to solar. Falling in love with solar and every aspect of it, Juan became the manager of a solar consulting team that helped hundreds of people go solar. Thanks to his success he was promoted to the operations manager until 2016, when he and his team formed their own solar company that would become one of the more recognized solar companies in Florida – Ensolar!

Ysa Garcia


Ysa Garcia, CFO

Coming from several financial positions at a bank and having great experience as a bookkeeper, Ysa manages our company accounts and today holds the position of Chief Financial Officer; empowering us to grow and enabling us to help more and more home and business owners to go solar!

Sadiel Vazquez


Sadiel Vazquez, COO

Thanks to Sadiel’s extensive experience in contracting, and comprehensive knowledge of Florida electrical and building codes, he was a fantastic addition to our solar team! Helping us project manage solar installations from start to finish, Sadiel has grown a reputation for quality solar work and satisfied customers!

Fabio Dikena


Fabio Dikena, CMO

Coming from a professional sales background, Fabio was first introduced to solar in 2016 when he started consulting on solar projects for our company. Immediately becoming passionate about the benefits of solar for both clients and the environment, Fabio quickly became one of Florida’s top solar consultants. Today, after having helped hundreds of homeowners switch to solar, Fabio leads our professional consulting team.