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How Effective Are Solar Panels?

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Common Questions About Solar

If you’re looking into solar panels and considering switching to solar power, this article will give you a quick overview of solar panels, their reliability, and their effectiveness.

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To many people, the idea of using solar panels on their roofs to power their homes is still an almost new and adventurous idea. But solar technology isn’t new at all. 

Solar cells were discovered in the 1880s and the use of sunlight to produce electricity was studied and evolved by some of the world’s most brilliant minds, including Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein as early as 1905. 

Commercially in use since the 1950s, the problem with solar panels and solar technology has never been their effectiveness. 

The use of solar cells to produce electricity is infallible.

The problem has always been cost. 

Up until the 1990s, solar panels were out of reach because of their costs and the lack of a commercial level solar industry. 

Today, it’s quite the opposite. 

The solar power industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and one of America’s largest sources of new jobs.  

According to Bloomberg News, solar and wind power are now officially the cheapest sources of electricity generation on the planet.

A recent survey done on homeowners showed that the single biggest reason homeowners switched to solar power was to reduce their energy costs. 

Not only do solar panels provide a more affordable way to produce electricity for your home, but they also protect you against the constantly increasing price of grid energy. 

Today solar panels are more advanced, efficient, and effective than ever before. This makes them an affordable and cheaper way to produce energy for your home.


Are solar panels reliable?

The fastest way to answer that question is to point out that solar panels have been in use by satellites and space stations since the 1960s. And if they are reliable enough to provide electricity in space, where there is no other source of electricity, then it’s safe to say they will be reliable for your home. 

Over the last 20 years, solar technology has constantly been improved to make solar systems and solar panels: 

  1. More effective
  2. More efficient
  3. More reliable
  4. More affordable

To find out more about modern solar panels, the best solar system for your home, or to ask any questions you have about solar, contact Ensolar for a free solar consultation and design.

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Ricardo Sol
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