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The referral program is available to anyone who contact us and have someone that they know wants a new solar system install in their home. They just have to call us give us the potential customer number and name we will contact them and set up the appointment, If we go there and we closed the deal as soon as we finish with the install (3 days waiting time for the funds to be clear 100% in our bank) we will pay the referral to that person. Super simple.

For example: Abby knows that her neighbor is the owner of the house they live in, and she is interested in going solar she talks to her friends about us and the friends agreed to give us the opportunity to go their home, Abby just have to collect their phone number and contact person  call our office and give us that info. We will call to schedule the appointment, the customers qualifies, we closed the deal, we installed and we will pay Abby her referral commission of $1,000 at least just for referring her neighbor. Since it is over $600 she will have to fill out a w9 so we can give her a 1099 as required by our CPA.

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Every year, hundreds of business, commercial and industrial energy customers make the switch to solar. While the above are the main benefits of going solar, learn more about the financial incentives of commercial solar by reading Thee Main Financial Incentives of Commercial Solar