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Solar Installation Tampa Bay

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Tampa Bay Solar

Solar Installations in Tampa

If there is one thing you can always expect in Tampa it’s sunshine! 

Yes, we get our share of rain and storms, but despite that Tampa Bay has 246 sunny days every year, which is 41 days over the U.S. sunny-day average!

So, is Tampa a good place to install solar on your home? 

The fast answer is YES! 

In fact, homeowners all over Tampa have already been benefiting from solar installations for years!

Solar Installer Tampa

As you can see, people all over Tampa are saving a lot of money on their electricity by installing solar panels! And with a well-designed solar system, you can experience just as much power generation in winter, as you do in summer.

Average Solar Output In Tampa

The average Tampa home with solar panels outputs 4.3 kWh per month, for the entire year with the highest producing month usually being April. Below you can see the average solar power production for a Tampa home split by summer and winter, as well as the full-year production averages. All these figures are based on a 12KW system: 

Tampa Bay Solar Production Average per KW installed:

Full-year average: 4.3 kWh

Summer (Jul): 4.36 kWh

Winter (Jan): 3.78 kWh

Tampa Bay Average Solar Production for a 12KW system installed:

Full-year average: 51.6 kWh

Summer (Jul): 52.32  kWh

Winter (Jan): 45.36 kWh

What is the Cost of Going Solar in Tampa?

If you live in Tampa, the price of your solar installation will depend on several factors:

  1. The installation company you chose
  2. The quality of their workmanship
  3. The materials and solar panels they use
  4. If they outsource their work 
  5. How much electricity you use in a year, which will determine the size of your solar installation
  6. Any future plans, such as purchasing an EV
Solar Installation Tampa

Tampa Bay Solar Installation, What to Watch Out For

With Tampa Bay being an optimal place to install solar for your home or business, many solar installation companies offer competitive pricing. Unfortunately, not many of them do all the work in-house. 

As one of Tampa’s leading solar installers, at Ensolar, we handle every aspect of your solar installation in-house. From your initial design and consultation to installation, and customer service, we don’t have to pay contractors and so are able to bring you: 

  1. Highly competitive pricing
  2. Industry-leading standards in workmanship
  3. Top-of-the-line materials and panels
  4. Special financing options that make your solar installation possible no matter your situation

For more information visit our residential solar page, or contact us for an estimate / to prequalify for financing: (813) 722-1004

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