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What to Look For When Choosing a Solar Installation Company

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Common Questions About Solar, Residential Solar

Following my previous article that covered the two most important factors you should look for when choosing a solar installer, here is a short checklist of other points you should check for when speaking to solar installation companies, and when choosing which one is best for your home’s solar PV system:

Get Several Quotes

Most solar installation companies offer free solar estimates. As convincing as that first solar salesman sounds, always get 2-3 different quotes. Also, ask about the company’s solar panel repair and maintenance costs, as well as how their customer service and workmanship guarantees work. 

Are They a Licensed Contractor 

Ensure that the solar installers that will be working on your home are licensed installers. If they are members of the STA (Solar Trade Association) or REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Alliance) this is a great sign. Ideally, they are also part of the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). 

Request a Home Visit 

While it’s possible to give an estimate of a solar PV system by looking at your location online and reviewing your energy bills, an in-home visit will help make sure no unforeseen surprises come up mid-installation. 

A little over a year ago a client had reached out to our company asking for a solar estimate. He sent copies of his bills and we looked at his home through our 3D AI platform and designed a solar PV system that would cover 100% of his usage, essentially reducing his electricity bill to almost zero. 

Thankfully, we wanted to go view the house in person before signing off on the papers and when we did, we saw that his roof needed major repairs. Had we gone ahead and installed the solar panels on top of that roof, he would have later needed to remove them in order to repair his roof. 

By using one of our preferred roofing companies, we were able to combine the projects for an amazing price and not only get him a solar PV system, but a completely new roof! 

That’s the power of in-home solar visits. 

Check Warranties

Many different solar companies offer different levels and lengths of warranties. To give you an idea of the industry average, most solar panel manufacturers offer warranties that last up to 25 years. Inverters, which are used to turn the alternating current produced by the solar panels into direct current that your home can use, usually have a 10-year warranty. Workmanship by the installers usually covers 12 months. 

Being an important investment for your home, ensuring your solar installation is completed seamlessly is made possible by hiring a competent and experienced company. 

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Ricardo Sol
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