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What to Look for When Choosing a Solar Installer

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Common Questions About Solar, Residential Solar, Tips For Going Solar

Today, when you are considering solar for your home, you have an amazing amount of solar installers and solar companies to choose from. 

A quick “solar company near me” search will pull up endless listings, and clicking on an ad will have your phone flooded with calls. Not to mention the few companies who are going door to door. 

If you’re seriously considering solar for your home, I imagine you yourself have already spoken to several companies and received several different quotes. 

Look, I understand! We just installed a solar PV system on a large home and when we finished the client told us he’d gotten 15 different quotes before choosing us. 

With solar being a very important investment for your home, no matter how many quotes you get, you should base your decision on more than just the persuasiveness or reassurance of a solar salesman. 

Below, I will list some of the key factors you should be looking for when choosing a solar installer. However, before getting into there are two factors that are so important, they deserve to be covered on their own.

Today, the solar industry is seeing an unprecedented amount of growth, with home and business owners all over America resorting to solar as a way to reduce or eliminate their electric bills. 

Well, with so many companies jumping on the “solar bandwagon” one of the primary factors you should look out for is the kind of company that you are dealing with. 

Meaning, are they a full-service solar company, and do they handle every aspect in-house, from sales to installations, and customer service after installation. 

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Ensolar, for example, handles every aspect of your solar installation by our in-house professionals. That means from start to finish, you deal with us and only us. This makes us fully accountable for your entire project before, during, and after installation. 

Some companies just handle sales, some just handle installations and some sub-contract pieces of or a lot of the work. Although they position themselves as “full-service” companies, such companies make solar installations painful, and it’s even more painful trying to hold someone accountable should something need fixing after installations are complete. 

The second most important factor is what kind of warranties and workmanship guarantees they offer.

Being very reliable, solar panel manufacturers generally guarantee their solar panels for as long as 25 years. A lot of companies ride on the back of that and make it sound like they guarantee their work for that long. But should a problem arise, you now need to contact the manufacturer directly. 

At Ensolar, not only do we stand behind our promise of quality workmanship, but thanks to our track record of quality installations, select solar panel manufacturers offer our clients a 5 year extended warranty on solar panels. 

Additionally, should there ever be any problem not only are we available to help, but we’ll be the only people you need to speak to. 

Don’t get me wrong, solar panels are extremely reliable and very low maintenance. But should something arise, we’re here. 

These two are probably the most important factors you should be looking at when choosing a solar installation company:

  1. Are they a full-service solar installer, and do they handle every aspect in-house or do they work with other companies or sub-contract their work? And
  2. What kind of warranties and workmanship guarantees do they provide and who do you contact if you need any help after the installations are complete? 

Ricardo SolArticle by:
Ricardo Sol
Senior Editor, Ensolar